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Civil Engineering magazine offers broad, total market coverage to advertisers — it's written to appeal to the full range of engineering disciplines: architectural, structural, geo-environmental, transportation, coastal, environmental and water resources.


These engineers rely on Civil Engineering to keep them informed of trends and developments within their profession.

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Our Readers by Engineering Specialty:

ASCE Institutes

  • Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) — 8,150
  • Construction Institute (CI) — 17,225
  • Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute (COPRI) — 3,902
  • Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) — 2,562
  • Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) — 23,313
  • Geo-Institute (GI) — 11,897
  • Structures Engineering Institute (SEI) — 31,459
  • Transportation and Development Institute (T&DI) — 16,197
  • Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute (UESI) —  71


Our Readers Are Established

  • Average 50 years old
  • Earn an average personal income of $123,340
  • Have belonged to ASCE for 17 years


Our Readers are Successful

  • 22% Project Manager or Senior Manager
  • 13% Presidents or Owners
  • 12% Civil Engineer or Senior Principal Engineer


Our Readers are Experts

  • 23% Structural or Construction Specialties
  • 13% Water Resource Specialties
  • 8% Transportation Specialties
  • 45% work on Roads and Highways
  • 39% work on Storm-Water Management
  • 36% work on Water/Sewer Pipe Systems


Our Readers are Influential

  • 32% employ staff surveyors
  • 91% purchase software
  • 88% purchase vehicles
  • 85% purchase laptop computers
  • On average, specifies a total annual dollar value of $40,070,312 for work on Structural Steel Components, followed by Road/Highway components ($28,056,522) and Precast Concrete Building Components ($21,940,000)
  • Specifies a total dollar value of $168,300 for Vehicles, followed by Travel Services ($101,924) and  Computer Network Software ($100,293)


Civil Engineering Readers Act on Your Ads

  • 86% of readers bought products or services advertised, visited and advertiser's web site, saved an ad/article for future reference, or routed the ad to others
  • Almost a third of readers indicated that Civil Engineering is the ONE publication that provides them with the most useful information about products and manufacturers
  • Average reader reads 3 out of 4 issues, and spends over 46 minutes reading a typical issue


Award Winning


183 Industry Awards since 2003
22 Industry Awards in 2014
14 Industry Awards in 2015


Named one of the top 10 B to B magazines in the world by Trade, Association and Business Publications International (TABPI).




2017 Editorial Calendar

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In addition to the content listed in the 2017 editorial calendar, Civil Engineering includes in-depth feature articles each month written by civil engineers for civil engineers on significant projects around the world.