Additional Opportunities



ASCE List Rental

Reach over 150,000 engineers with the use of ASCE's mailing lists. Access to our members can be used alone or in conjunction with advertising/exhibit efforts to create an invaluable resource to your organization. Contact Jessecua Dwyer to rent the list or for more information (540.428.3256).


Free Readership Survey

Find out how many readers recall seeing and reading your ad with the Independent Ad-Q Study in the May 2017 issue of Civil Engineering Magazine. You will not only learn how readers responded to your ad but how you compared with your competition.


Bonus Distributions

Target you key audience by looking for bonus distributions of Civil Engineering Magazine in our editorial calendar. We make sure the magazine has a prominent presence at the ASCE conferences throughout the year; you get additional ad exposure.


Free Reprints

Take advantage of being a contract advertiser by receiving reprints of ads and articles. This is a valuable resource for meetings, trade shows, or campaigns.


Discounts On Advertising

Receive a discounted rate for advertising in Civil Engineering Magazine by being an ASCE Specialty Conference Exhibitor. For more information on this and all of ASCE's advertising opportunities, contact your marketing representative today.